Wolf Ridge Woodworking Presents: Acks Woodturning Extravaganza

For the first time ever Four of the most beloved woodturners in the world have decided to come together and turn their hearts out. Okay, would you believe four mediocre woodturners?
Acks Wood Paste Presents the 1st Annual (maybe bi-annual) Woodturning Extravaganza. Starring:
3pm EST – Wolf Ridge Woodworking – https://youtu.be/dURDj7yPuQI​
4pm EST – PF Woodturning – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnNO5ClXxPc&t=0s
5pm EST – HodgePodge WoodWorks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j–6…​
6pm EST – Moonpie Creations – https://youtu.be/-BO3L4daS8o​

Not only will there be fun and laughter, but there will be giveaways. You can here all about the giveaway form Acks Wood Paste themselves here:

The Live Show starts at 3pm EST 27 Feb 2021. Each Turner will demonstrate for one hour. That’s four hours of woodturning madness.

Prizes are as follows:
1st prize will be a wood paste kit (USA or International)

2nd place will be for a Hurricane bowl gouge (USA ONLY)

3rd place is for another paste kit (USA Only)

4 th place is for a Hurricane 1/2 inch bowl gouge (USA Only)

5th place is for Tee shirt and a few Star Bond CA glues

Drawing will be on SUNDAY, February 28th for the 5 prizes at 12pm EST, must be entered on the video by that time.

Woodworking News Source: Wolf Ridge Woodworking

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