Tools I Made and Bought This Year for Furniture Repair and Woodworking

See the tools I made and bought for furniture repairs and woodworking over the past year.

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Tool Links:
Sawset Protractor –
🇨🇦 Link –
Syringes for Glue –
🇨🇦 Link –
CBN grinding wheels –
Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig –
🇨🇦 Link –
Trend Air Shield Pro –
Paslode Staple Gun –
Cranked-Neck Paring Chisel –
Gyokucho Flush Cutting Japanese Saw –
🇨🇦 Link –

Note: tools purchased with Amazon links help fund our video production work.

Our subscriber, OLEG KOSTOGLOTOV commented on our video about "How to Repair Broken and Cracked Wood" and recommended using Syringes with blunt tips to inject glue into the cracks. I tried it and WOW, it worked well. Thank you Oleg!

I attended a Lee Valley Tools seminar (pre-COVID) on Sharpening Turning Tools and I purchased an 80 grit CBN wheel for my grinder and the Oneway Tool Wolverine Grinding Jig. This allows me to sharpen my turning chisels in seconds so I can work efficiently on the lathe to reproduce furniture parts. Wood turning allows me to replace broken furniture parts, so this skill extends my capability to repair more furniture.

When I was at the Toronto Woodworking Show (pre-COVID), I found a great deal at Stock Room Supply on the Trend Air Shield. This is a respirator that works well for someone with a beard and glasses. If you’re not familiar with the dangers of wood dust and how to protect yourself, our "Dust Collection Fundamentals" video on Home Improvement Woodworking is a must see!

I made some tools this year. The first one is my centre finder, used for wood turning. This quickly marks the center of the turning blank. It’s easy to make and I find it rewarding to use my existing tools to make new tools.

For chair repairs, I’ve also improved how I use my spoke shaves and draw knife. I built a bench top shave horse. If you want to make one, see the video link above to watch the build video and how to get plans for it. If you’d rather see how it works in a repair video, see our "Spindle Repair" video.

I’ve invented a jig to make wedges for wedged tenons. Before I made his, I showed viewers how to make wedges with a chisel. I showed this in our "American Windsor Chair" video. I created his jig and showed it on our "Spindle Repair" video. It works well to quickly make wedges for chair backs.

The next tool is this Paslode Staple Gun I bought at Lowes. This tool extends my capability to repair furniture that is upholstered. This is soooo much better than the spring driven stapler I used to use.

MICHAEL FLING watched our video on "Wood Plug Removal & Replacement", where I showed trimming down a new plug on a finished surface. Michael suggested that Henry Taylor makes an offset paring chisel that allows you to lay the chisel flat to pare away wood on a flat surface. I found one at Lee Valley Tools and bought it right away.

I saved my favourite new tool until the end. I’m a fan of Gyokucho Japanese saws so I purchased their flush cut saw on Amazon. Wow! I was blown away by the performance of this saw. I love it! It doesn’t scratch the surface I’m cutting against and it’s super sharp! There’s no comparing this to my old one.

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See the tools we use in our workshop and the tools we recommend:
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This video is hosted by Scott Bennett, Owner of Wooden It Be Nice – Furniture Repair in Brooklin, Ontario, Canada.

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