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  • 360 Camera Vs Drone | which to get next? April 19, 2021
    Buy Drone: https://geni.us/0QjmwIN Buy 360 Camera: https://geni.us/xA6CW NEW MOBILE PRESETS: https://geni.us/3Yesm 360 Camera Vs Drone ?? Which one do you get next? Sharing my thoughts and opinion on which tool, a drone or 360 camera, would best suit a low budget filmmaker…
  • Best DRONE Clips of 2020 | JakeRichTravels (#SHORTS) April 19, 2021
    Mavic 2 Pro: https://geni.us/0QjmwIN Find me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/jakerichtravels/ How I capture drone photos: https://youtu.be/nuH6xZIIznI A little #Short of some of my favorite drone clips captured on my travels throughout 2020! I’ve been shooting with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro for the…
  • 60 Second Tip: The Instant Full-Size Check April 19, 2021
    Here’s a quick and easy way to always switch between your zoomed-in view and a full size version of your image. It’s always good to see the effect of any adjustment at both zoomed in and full-size! For related videos, see here:…

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  • My VA Story: John Byrnes April 20, 2021
    After delays of more than 90 days just to see a provider, John was enrolled into the Choice program, where he experienced an even longer wait time of 120 days to see a provider. The only adequate solution, the only thing that gives veterans real choice is the ability for them to decide when they […]
  • What if my parents don’t want me to join the military April 20, 2021
    Your interested in joining the Army or even the military but your parents don’t want you to join. If you are looking for a way to convince your parents to let you join or that the military is a good idea then i have some tips. Here are some ways that you might be able […]
  • MANTAS T38 Devil Ray Demonstration April 20, 2021
    April 17, 2021 – A U.S. Navy MANTAS T38 Devil Ray unmanned surface vehicle is demonstrated during a U.S. Pacific Fleet showcase of various Unmanned Integrated Battle Problem (UxS IBP) 21 systems and capabilities. The U.S. Pacific Fleet’s UxS IBP 21 integrates manned and unmanned capabilities into the most challenging operational scenarios to generate warfighting advantages. […]

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  • Watch this Before Buying Woodworking Layout, Marking & Measuring Tools (Part 1)
    Joshua shows which woodworking hand tools you need for layout, marking & measuring, and which tools you don’t need. See brand names & many more details in the article here: https://woodandshop.com/woodworking-hand-tool-buying-guide-layout-marking-measuring/ ✪ Get free woodworking updates, tips, and workshop tours in my regular email […]
  • Design Perfect King Size Bed With Hardwood || Extremely Wonderful Modern WoodWorking Machines 2020
    To day, we show: How we Build A Monolithic RED Hardwood Giant King Size Bed With Extremely Wonderful Design Strange but Luxury. That’s Latest Design King Size No Carved Bed. Process is complete Step by Step, Use Machines Woodoworking modern and ingenious Skills of Carpenter… Design Perfect King Size Bed With Hardwood || Extremely Wonderful […]
  • Workbench Tool Cabinet – 234
    Build article and plans: http://jayscustomcreations.com/2016/02/quick-and-easy-workbench-cabinet/ Amazon Affiliate: http://amzn.to/2ch5gLi New vlog video after every project: http://www.youtube.com/jccshorts Social links: Twitter https://twitter.com/JayBates86 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/jayscustomcreations Instagram= […]
  • Bending Plywood To Make a Lounge Chair | #RocklerBentWoodChallenge
    For this Bent Plywood Lounge Chair Project I wanted to show that it is possible to use inexpensive materials and basic hand held tools to make curved and hi end looking furniture. I got the plywood from homedepot and used a technique called Kerf Bending to make it more flexible. This Bent Lamination Plywood Lounge Chair was done to kick off the next […]
  • LED epoxy resin river table
    More from Epoxy & Wood […]
  • 10X your Woodworking and Epoxy Business || Bosch GET75 6N Tool Review
    In this video we review a tool that can cut down sanding time by a ton!!! Check out this Bosch GET75-6N Sander. Its a Beast !! Affiliate Links: Bosch GET75-6N : https://amzn.to/3w27U0a Goodview Amazon Shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/goodviewwoodworks Woodworking News Source: GoodView Woodworks […]
  • Extremely Ingenious Skills Woodworking Worker // Working with Curved Monolithic Hardwood Projects
    Curved Monolithic Hardwood Door Frame Design and Construction Project For Luxury Villa. How To Build Curved Monolithic Special and Unique Door Frame from Hardwood Extremely Ingenious Skills Woodworking Worker // Working with Curved Monolithic Hardwood Projects Thanks for watching, LIKE, Subscribe & Share! ► Subscribe to channel: […]
  • Tool Talk Live! (#1) Basic Stanley Planes
    Become a member of this channel! Get custom badges and emojis you can use during chats: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj4SLNED1DiNPHComZTCbzw/join Source: Rex Krueger […]
  • BEST DIY garage built in storage Part 1
    Part 1 of my garage built in workstation and storage Woodworking News Source: Veteran Woodworker […]
  • Workshop Cooking – Cheeseburger & Fries EP 001
    In this video I make something a little different than normal, I make A Cheeseburger and fries from my workshop using only a grill and some basic cooking utensils. With a little ingenuity and some hunger, you can make anything from your shop. Check Out my Grill – https://bit.ly/JM_PitBoss Sam The Cooking Guy BEST CHEESEBURGER EVER 2.0 – […]
  • Finding Unique Wood – Chainsaw Milling Tips and Tricks
    Looking at different ways and methods in order to easily overcome the challenges of chainsaw milling. It’s a very physically demanding job, but being prepared and having the right tools for the job Is gonna make things so much more easy on both your back and sanity. Hopefully I was able to provide some useful tips in this video, and please feel […]
  • River Table Colored Epoxy Transition – WiseColor Powered Colorants with WiseBond Deep Pour Epoxy
    Here’s a cool video of a pour we just did using two different WiseColor™️ Premium Epoxy Colorants, "Just Purple" and "Dead Red". Watch as the color transitions from purple to red right before your eyes. Enjoy! More from WiseBond Epoxy […]
  • What Should We Make With This?! Tell Us in The Comments!
    We Need Your Opinion! We poured this piece as an experiment and want to know what you think we should make next with it? It’s 24" by 48" and approximately 2.5" thick. We used live edge walnut on its edge and then flooded the top wth Ecopoxy FlowCast. The pigment we used is Dragon’s Breath. Let us know in the comments and we […]
  • Hardwood table top from scrap wood and construction lumber
    Making a hardwood table top from construction lumber and lots of hardwood scraps cut into thin strips. I can’t recommend this method because it was a lot of work, but the restult is nice. More details: http://woodgears.ca/table/top.html Woodworking News Source: Matthias Wandel […]
  • Preventing bubbles in your epoxy!
    Sealing edges and filling cracks in your wood slabs with WiseBond Bar & Table Top Epoxy prevents air bubbles in your deep pour when making river tables. If you don’t have a syringe to specifically target the cracks with epoxy, we have a quick and easy technique that will work great! Buy our full line of WiseBond Epoxy, Colorants and Epoxy […]
  • How To Build A Single Bed From Old Wooden Pallet – Amazing Woodworking, Cheap Pallet Furniture Ideas
    How To Build A Single Bed From Old Wooden Pallet – Amazing Woodworking, Cheap Pallet Furniture Ideas + Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5ZQi-huP9dh3ucQIBGLeMg + https://www.facebook.com/Mr.Suc1991/?modal=admin_todo_tour Woodworking News Source: Amazing Woodworking […]
  • Router Bits for Beginners | Rockler Skill Builders
    In this video the most common types of router bits are explained for the novice woodworker. The Rockler router bits highlighted in this video include: Straight, Rabbeting, Round Over, Flush Trim, Roman Ogee, Chamfer, and Undersized Plywood Bits. All of Rockler’s router bits are covered by an unconditional guarantee. Learn more: […]
  • Our New House Needed A Makeover! Before & After DIY Home Improvement
    Our upstairs renovation is finally complete! With all the interruptions it only took about 6 months! Now the boys finally have a nice big bedroom, Katie has her own quiet office, and I will get my own office on the main floor of the house. This place suddenly feels so much bigger! On-Demand Steamer: https://bit.ly/2J5Fmyx PowerTex Texture Sprayer: […]
  • Kerf Bending or bending wood Tips and Tricks !
    I love Kerf Bending or bending wood so I am making this page so I can refer how to bend wood! Ill keep you updated 5 KERF BENDING TIPS AND TRICKS! (For Beginners–Guide To Kerf Bending Wood) […]
  • Best Epoxy Wood Table Finishes [NEW Guide]
    The best epoxy wood table finish & how to finish an epoxy table full written tutorial here: http://bit.ly/3apX4Gi In this video, learn the best epoxy wood table finishes and how to finish an epoxy table using each finish. These are the exact wood table finishes & techniques I use on the custom made wood tables, wall art, & beach decor for […]

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