Miter Saw Dust Hood from Cardboard (Part 1 of 2)

I pulled my miter saw away from the wall to do some cleaning and maintenance, and decided to upgrade the dust collection at the same time. It would be ideal to just install perfect dust collection for the entire workshop all in one shot, but I think for most of us it’s a life-long process of gradual upgrades. This is just a prototype, so I didn’t see the point in committing to a wooden structure just yet. Cardboard is free, easy to work with, and would last for many years. I’ll post a follow-up later once I finalize the design.

This was filmed in 4K 60FPS, so you can see in great detail where the dust is going as I’m doing each set of cuts. What would you do to improve the design?

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Part 2 of this video is here:

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