HOW TO | Round Coffee Table

Today we’re building a Circle Coffee table from start to finish!
Every step from taking materials out to Oiling the final product.
1.Hey Guys, unfortunately today’s video doesn’t have any epoxy, But, we are going to show you how to build this white oak coffee table
2.The first step is to pull the required material. Luckily we had some white oak shorts that were off cuts from another job so we’ll use those for this build
3.You want to make sure the material is fairly straight to eliminate waste and to achieve the desired thickness for the table.
4.Once you’ve pulled enough material for your table build, it’s time to machine the material.
5.First step is to face joint the material to give ourselves a flat surface on one of the faces of the material.
6.This flat surface will be a great reference point for when the boards go through the planer.
7.After your boards have been face jointed, you can take them to the planer to clean up the opposite side of the board.
8.It will take a few passes for the planer to take the material down to a useable flat surface. You’ll want to remove about 1/16" of material at a time.
9.When glueing up a panel, it is important to be prepared and have all your clamps close by for a stress free glue up.
10.You’re going to want to make sure you alternate the end grain on each board to eliminate warping.
11.Wood will typically cup away from the center of the tree so by alternating the grain you are averaging out the movement of each board.
12.Once you’ve applied glue to the edge of each board, you can clamp the pieces together and wipe off the squeeze out.
13.Wiping off the excess glue here will make sanding the surface easier and more efficient.
14.There are many ways to cut a circle for the table top and for this project, we chose to use shaper.
15.We cut all our finger joints on the Table Saw using this finger joint jig.
16.Cutting finger joints can be an intimidating task but with a finger joint jig, they can be easily cut and reproduced for future projects.
17.The most important dimension of the finger joint jig is making sure your dad stack, matches the fence/guide.
18. The other important dimension is making sure the gap between the dado stack and fence equals the width of the dado stack and the fence.
19.Making sure these 3 dimensions all match are key as well as making sure that dimension is divisible by the overall width of the table leg you are creating.
20.It’s important to sand your table legs before you attach them to the table top. This will allow you to easily sand all areas of the legs without the table top getting in the way.
21.We are now ready to attache the table top to the table base.
22.For this we will be using Festool Dominos to make sure the base is perfectly aligned on the table top.
23.We always test fit the base to the top to make sure the glue up will go smoothly.
24.Now that we’ve got the table assembled and sanded to 150 grit, we are ready to apply the oil finish.
25.We use Rubio Monocoat Pure 2C Oil on most of our projects because it protects the wood and its a very user friendly product.
26.After we mix the oil with the hardener in a cup, we apply the oil with a squegee or a spreader. You can also use an old credit card if you don’t have a squeegee handy.
27. We always do the bottom of the table first and the flip it over and do the top.
28.After the oil is generously spread across the work piece, you are going to want to wipe the oil off using blue shop towels or a terry cloth. .
29.The key to wiping the oil off is to make sure you get all the excess oil off. You want to keep wiping until no oil is coming up on the towels and using new towels once they’ve become saturated.
30. The oil takes 7 days to fully cure but you can handle/use the piece after 24 hours.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for future videos.

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